Confidence in Commerce Pledge

CX Certification SA empowers you and your business partners to trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind. It says, ‘I am a reliable client / provider and proud to be in business’.

I pledge…

  • to run a business with the objective to achieve a high standard of excellence
  • to endeavour to produce high quality products and services
  • to maintain a good market reputation
  • to take any and all compliments and complaints seriously and endeavour to fix any outstanding issues
  • to value our staff and continuously build on internal relationships
  • to value our clients and will continuously build on our business relationships
  • to value the trust between our customers and suppliers and endeavour to maintain a valuable relationship by…
    • honouring commitments and delivering promises made
    • not to discriminate
  • to run an effective, contributing business by
    • being dedicated to running business with good business governance
    • respecting and keeping the law, rules and regulations of our country
    • helping grow the economy of SA by running a sustainable business
  • to comply with high standards of quality, sustainability and ethics in business by …
  • being honest and truthful in our business dealings
  • by being transparent in our business dealings
  • to not participate in underhanded dealings (fraud & money laundering)
  • that our business credentials have been Voluntary, Vetted, Verified and Validated by a third party for credibility
  • to submit figures and documents required for the CX Certification evaluation on a monthly basis
  • to rectify any aspect of scoring that dilutes my business
  • to play my part and contribute towards confidence in commerce
  • to take full responsibility for my business actions
Keep In Mind
CXCSA is a business geared towards safe business practices.

Our Certification empowers you and your business Partners to trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind. It says: I am a reliable client / provider and proud to be in business!!

August 2022
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