It is mind-blowing how the gruesome Netflix series Squid Game has intrigued many people across continents, cultures, races, and languages. Within one month of its release, it was on everyone’s lips. If you are one of the few who have not braved up to watch the survival drama, it is about a mysterious organisation that invites contestants in deep debt to play a series of children’s games for a chance to win a massive amount of money. The story follows one man as he journeys through this hellish situation he finds himself in where every decision he makes has severe consequences. The dark drama takes us on a journey of conflict, fear, and injustice. Each episode cleverly draws us in, questioning what we would do if we found ourselves in his position. It is a moral challenge.

Looking a little deeper, we can all relate somehow, as we have all faced a Squid Game of our own at one time or another.  

Desperate situations cause us to make irrational, fearful and risky decisions. We jump into deals, not knowing whom we are doing business with and risk it all on a hope, a scheme, and a promise. We need sales, yes, but does it have to have a ‘survive or die’ connotation?

Tough times don’t have to be a ‘death sentence’, and the journey to recovery does not have to be lonely. Troubles are temporary.  We need to be wise and navigate the tough times with solid information, a clear plan, and credible support. Courage and wisdom are so much easier when you have a reasonable goal. Tough times don’t have to carry a negative stigma; facing the facts can be unburdening. Consolidate, run numbers, do research, and that will bring order back. Having constant information at hand can avoid devastating consequences.

Certification eliminates the mystery around business dealings and builds strong bonds with other credible businesses. Our Business Credibility Network gives benefits by association to ensure your long-term survival.

With Certification comes confidence and one no longer has to fall prey to fly by nights or “too good to be true” deals and succumb to superficial solutions.

Let’s keep situations like the Squid Game on TV and out of our business. Never give your control away but work hard to keep it credible.