Confidence in Commerce

Certification empowers you and your business partners to trade in mutual confidence & peace of mind by knowing the standards at which you operate

Confidence in Commerce Certificate

Do business knowingly

Know who you are doing business with, know their credibility and more importantly know and show yours



Customer Confidence Certification is a public declaration that your business credentials have been verified, vetted and validated by an objective independent third party


Quality decision for your business

Show that you are a business that reflects the willingness to continually improve and support confidence in commerce

Business Valuation & Scoring
Our Certification Parameters

Business Evaluation & Scoring

It is your free choice to submit your business to this rigorous but confidential process of evaluation to enhance the confidence of trading with customers and/or suppliers

Confidence in Commerce Report

We extract comprehensive information to confirm your creditworthiness and good standing in your business sector

VIP Networking

Mingle! – It fosters continual improvement in an unrelenting quest for growth!

CX/QR Codes

CX/QR Codes are for your business to get maximum interactive exposure

Confidence in Commerce Certificate

It is confidence declaring that you have taken the necessary steps available to ensure your business is dynamic and accountable

Business Directory Listings

Get listed and recognised as an accountable and credible business


Yes, we all need confidence when we do business. We need confidence when we are dealing with our customers and suppliers.

Certification is declaring that you are taking all the necessary steps available to ensure your business is dynamic and accountable.  It builds reputation, credibility, and confidence.   It opens up channels for clients, employees, and suppliers to support your business to be around for years to come.

Take your first steps in receiving the confidence certification that you need to enhance your business.

To trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind is a new normal we need to get used to.

This small quality decision can mean a big investment in your business sustainability. We invite you to obtain your Customer Confidence Certification today.

What we can offer you
Choose how you want to create confidence!

CX Credibility Certification

CX Credibility Evaluation

CrediCheck Reports

An essential report when wanting to do business with potential business, customer or supplier.

Customer Confidence Certification
Get your business a reliable and credible certification with CX Certification SA
Keep In Mind
CXCSA is a business geared towards safe business practices.

Our Certification empowers you and your business Partners to trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind. It says: I am a reliable client / provider and proud to be in business!!

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