Business Verification & Listing Terms & Conditions


  1. By completing this form, I understand that the information provided herein is to be used for the purposes of voluntarily verification and accessing the validity of the business. I warrant that the information given is accurate and complete and up to date.   I indemnify CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. T/A CX Certification SA (CXCSA) of any claims, legal and/or otherwise, of any nature that may occur due to errors in the information given.  I agree to update the information supplied annually and, as and when necessary, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information.
  2. I understand that part of the Business Verification & Listing, the following will be displayed on the CXCSA website and I permit CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd to share the below provided information as stated in the application form:-
    1. Directory Listing including but not limited to:
      • Business Verification & Listing
        1. Company Name & Logo
        2. Sector & Area Display 
        3. Address
        4. Contact Person & Number
        5. Website & Email Address
        6. Reviews & Ratings
        7. ‘Request a Report’ option button for 3rd party CrediCheck Reports
        8. Website Dashboard for updates, reviews & ‘Upgrade to Certification’ option. 
  3. I understand and agree that the information provided may be used on the CXCSA Social Media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other used social media platforms) to welcome new clients and communicate any news and celebrations about the client.
  4. I give CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. permission to load provided information from the Business Verification & Listing Form onto the CoreXalance database for the purpose of consolidated reporting and trends.
  5. I understand that the Business Verification & Listing is renewed annually and agree that the annual fee paid is non-refundable and that upon the basic directory listing becoming null and void, no correspondence will be entertained regarding the reduction and/or reimbursement of the annual fee.  I understand a one month notice period is required if I should wish to remove my listing from the CXCSA website.
  6. I give my consent for CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. T/A CX Certification SA to at any time contact and request information from any persons, credit bureaux or businesses to obtain information relevant for the verification and listing process. 
  7. I understand that information will be requested on my company, from time to time, by third parties.  I understand that CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. has created CrediCheck Reports for this reason.    
  8. I indemnify CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. T/A CX Certification SA against any claim of whatever nature in any amount, by whoever, arising out of a cancelled Business Verification & Listing.
  9. I consent to and authorise CoreXalance (Pty) Ltd. T/A CX Certification SA to use the provided information to offer me additional products / services and/or changes to the current products/services.
  10. The duration of the contract will commencement from date of signature for one year period. 
Keep In Mind
CXCSA is a business geared towards safe business practices.

Our Certification empowers you and your business Partners to trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind. It says: I am a reliable client / provider and proud to be in business!!

January 2022
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