CX Credibility Certification

CX Credibility SA is an evaluation that a business undertakes voluntarily.  It involves the process of vetting, verifying, and validating your business.  The evaluation produces a score of the business on liquidity, profitability, stability, risk, operating performance, and credibility.  Certification gives any business an honest independent insight into business health and current status and is very useful for self-assessment and direction.

An audit to confirm and authenticate data provided takes place. The long-term history confirms business integrity.  Consistency and creditworthiness are also taken into consideration.  A report is compiled with a score for you to use and a Confidence in Commerce Certificate is issued to share with customers and suppliers and celebrate with your team.

This is an annual process so one can tangibly see the business growth and development from year to year.

CX Credibility & Listing Includes:

  • CIC Report
  • Confidence Score
  • Certification Certificate
  • VIP Mingles
  • CX/QR Code
  • CXCSA Directory Listing, which includes:
    • Company Name & Logo
    • Business Contact Details
    • Website & Social Media Links
    • Operating Hours
    • Company Features
    • Contact Business Contact Form
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Report Offer for Suppliers or Customers
    • Dashboard for Updates & Reviews

Please see the Service menu for CX Credibility subscription pricing table for more details and costs.




Keep In Mind
CXCSA is a business geared towards safe business practices.

Our Certification empowers you and your business Partners to trade in mutual confidence and peace of mind. It says: I am a reliable client / provider and proud to be in business!!

May 2024
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